San Francisco Hosts Discover the Fillmore Neighborhood

It was a brisk, beautiful San Francisco summer afternoon last Tuesday when local hosts visited the historic Fillmore district for the 9th Airbnb Merchant Walk. Once per month, Airbnb hosts are invited to visit their local merchant corridor in an experience that reinvigorates the feeling of discovering an amazing new place for the first time. When guests stay in these neighborhoods they get to live like a local by shopping at the local businesses that are just outside their bedroom door.

“Fillmore is where true San Franciscans shop” says Vas Kiniris, Fillmore merchant association executive director and owner of Zinc Details. With over 100 locally owned businesses, it’s a great place to get a true San Francisco experience, and who better to recommend those businesses than the people who live in the neighborhood.

Vas Better


Ron Benitez, Fillmore Merchants’ President and owner of ASMBLY Hall said “the Fillmore Merchant Walk is a great opportunity to introduce hosts to the neighborhood charm from your local cafe, local bakery or your local apparel boutique. It’s a really great way to truly live in the neighborhood.”




Airbnb hosts love making recommendations of local businesses to their guests who come from all over the world. Guests who stay on Airbnb in San Francisco stay longer and spend more money that guests who stay at hotels, and most of that is spent directly in the neighborhood where they are staying.



“I enjoyed the walk very much.” Says Giuliana Halasz, a long-time Marina host who uses the income earned from Airbnb to supplement her retirement. “It gave me a sense of community between the hosts and the merchants. We were so welcomed and they were so positive towards Airbnb and the guests who visit their shops. I enjoyed it so much that three days later I took my husband and son to one of the restaurants on the Merchant Walk that we had not tried before and had a fabulous meal, I will definitely send my guests there.”

Like a local ambassador, Airbnb hosts are able to promote their neighborhood businesses to travelers staying with them. When guests discover those local businesses they get a uniquely San Francisco experience that’s a win for travelers, hosts, and businesses together.

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